Medtech Events


Medtech Events
(last up-dated January 09, 2013)



Events including exhibition

Med-Tech Innovation Expo, 11 Jan 2013 to 11 Apr 2013, Coventry, UK

Medical Device Clinical Data, January 23-24, The Rembrandt Hotel, London, UK

EC Medical Device Vigilance System and Post Marketing Surveillance, January 29-30, The Rembrandt Hotel London

Field Service Medical 2013, February 19-21, San Diego, USA

Drug/Device and Device/Drug Combination Products, February 20-21, The Rembrandt Hotel, London, UK

MedTech Europe, February 26-28, Stuttgart, Germany

Patenting Medical Technology March 01-03, The Rembrandt Hotel, London, UK

MedTech Insight Japan, March 20, Zürich, Switzerland

IN3 Medical Device 360°, April 16-18, Dublin, Ireland

Bio, April 22-25, 2013, Chicago, USA

5th Annual International MedTech Partnering Conference EuroMedTech 2013, May 7-8, Düsseldorf, Germany

12th Annual MedTech Investing Conference, May 8th, Minneapolis USA

MedTech France EuroExpo , May 15-16, Lyon, France

MedTech Innovation Conference and Exhibition, June 25-26 The Sheraton Athlone Hotel (Ireland)

IN3 Medical Device 360°, June 24-26, Boston, USA

World MedTech Forum, September 17-19, Lüzern, Switzeland

ILMAC, September 24-27, 2013, Basel, Switzerland

MedTech China, September 25-26, Shanghai, China

Biotechnica, October 8-10, 2013, Hannover, Germany

Biopartenering Future Europe, October 13-15, 2013, Stockholm, Sweden

Bio-Europe, November 4-11, 2013, Vienna, Austria


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