Monthly Archives: November 2017

Francis Crick Institute’s £700m building ‘too noisy to concentrate’

Some of the 1,250 people working at the year-old laboratory say its open plan layout, designed to produce collaboration, makes it hard to focus on work                 The Francis Crick Institute, in King’s Cross, London, is carrying out tests on noise levels. Photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty   Tuesday 21 […]

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FDA Adds Four Letter Suffixes to New Approved Biologic’s Name

FDA Begins Adding Suffixes to Newly Approved Biologics' Names Posted 17 November 2017By Zachary Brennan   The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week began adding four-letter meaningless suffixes at the end of newly approved biologics' nonproprietary names, signaling a shift in policy from only adding the suffixes to biosimilars' nonproprietary names since 2015. The […]

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EMA moves to Amsterdam

EMA move: “London’s loss is Amsterdam’s gain” 21st November 2017   by Selina McKee From PharmaTimes   Amsterdam has been named as the new home of the European Medicines Agency, triggering the start of an “ambitious” relocation programme that must be completed within 16 months. The Agency will move its headquarters from the current base […]

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