8th International China Pharmaceutical R&D Summit

8th International China Pharmaceutical R&D Summit,

20-23 May, 2013, Shanghai, China

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This meeting was a great opportunity to evaluate the current Chinese R&D innovation ecosystem .


Making China an “Innovation –Oriented Society” by 2020 is a clear target of
the 12th five year plan:

  • In China the number of scientist is increasing by 8% every year with 49.000 new Ph.D per year and the number of postdoctoral returnees is also increasing by 30%.

  • The 12th five-year plan has identified the biomedical sector as one of the seven strategic domains and it will allocate 40 billion RMB (4,9 billion Euros) for major new drug development.

  • China possesses 22 medical high-tech parks with land and tax incentives and the CRO business is still growing at a fast pace.


  • Insurance coverage is now extended to almost 95% of the population and the government is accelerating the reform of public hospitals and developing a primary care infrastructure across the country.


Nevertheless there are still major challenges to overcome such as: 

  • Integrating all the elements of the value chain in order to become an innovating leader

  • Transforming the current domestic oriented generic approach to an R&D driven one

  • Catching-up in coming forward with innovative drugs to address major Chinese medical needs

  • Investing in long-term and highly risky projects

  • Improving regulatory bodies transparency on policies and priorities


    It may take another 10-15 years until these key issues will be fully addressed in order for China to become a global scientific leader.



Author : Jean-Claude MULLER, Special Advisor,Innovation & International Relationship (I&IR)


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