Bio-Europe Spring 2015



BIO-Europe Spring 2015, organized by the EBD Group, took place in Paris earlier this week, March 9-11. According to the organizers there was a record breaking attendance of about 2,500 delegates coming from 80 different countries and 1369 companies. The conference was structured around the usual format:

– Presentations of 120 companies (large, midsize and small)

– 23 Workshops and panel discussions (business development, therapeutic insight by defined health, partnerships in regenerative medicine and advanced therapies)

– One to one partnering meetings (more than 10,000 over the three days)

– Exhibiting sponsors and companies.


The keynote address was delivered by Serge Weinberg, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Sanofi, the main sponsor with the support of BioCluster Medicen Paris Region


Paris region                                               Medicen


Bio-Europe Spring 2015 evening at Hotel de ville de Paris

The Monday night venue took place at the Paris City Hall

in the impressive reception salons and was offered by the Mairie de Paris.


The Paris Conference confirmed that innovation has recently provided and will continue to provide, in a short and foreseeable future, more new and even breakthrough treatments products and services, for the benefit of patients in primary care as well as in specialty and rare diseases.

The emergence of these novel therapeutic approaches is inducing several consequences:

– A substantial increase in classical as well as innovative deal transactions (partnering, licensing, joints ventures, swaps, M&As and IPOs)

– An in depth analysis and study on how payers are going to handle the issue of pricing and paying for innovation.

– An overall reflection how sponsors of innovation and payers will interact to make sure innovation does not get restricted by pricing issues.


The next BIO-Europe events will most probably tackle these issues and are programmed to take place in:

Bio-Europe Munich, Germany, November 2-4, 2015

Bio-Europe Spring Stockholm, Sweden, April 4-6, 2016

Author : Jean-Claude MULLER, Special Advisor, Innovation & International Relationship (I&IR)


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