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Dear Subscribers and dear Readers


We are very pleased to inform you that the number of subscribers and of readers of our free of charge Biopharmaceutical Newsweek letter has steadily increased since the launch of the new version at the beginning of this year. 

Some of you have already told us that they were highly appreciative of the relevance and the conciseness of our newsletter and were rating it very favorably versus other news channels they are receiving, often at a certain cost.

Like every professional institution we are keen at improving our deliverable but to do so we need your feedback. We do not intend to run a comprehensive survey but we would highly appreciate if you could send us a few words to tell us:

–          What you appreciate in this newsletter and why?

–          What is of lesser interest to you?

–          What you would like to see improved or modified?

We will thoroughly analyze your comments and do our best efforts to integrate them in our forthcoming editions.   

Thanks in advance for your feedback to be sent to

Best regards

Jean-Claude Muller  and Nathalie Accornero


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