E- mailing-Campaign

E-mailing campaign is a good strategy to keep in mind of your prospects and customers. But it has to be planed in advanced and should be relevant for the person that receive the e-mail. The result of an e-mailing campaign is dependant of few rules to respect but mostly depends of the quality of your data base. It is also a good way to update your data base.

The E-mailing campaign is an excellent tool for the business developer as he can selectively contact the prospect who is interested in a specific product or service.


The main topic of your e-mailing :

About You :

– A brand new website

– You will be present at a specific event (business convention, trade show or congress) 

– You propose a new service or product


About a topic that is interesting or helpful for the persons that receive the e-mail.


E-Mailing campaign Offer Includes:

– the strategy (topic, target, schedule…)

– the e-mailing ready to be send

report & notes after the sending

in option: bounced e-mail resend & correction.

in option: If you take also the offer regarding the report on Google Analytics, the e-mailing campaign could be tracked on Google Analytics.


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