Bio-Europe Spring 2014

Bio-Europe Spring 2014
March 10-12, 2014, Torino, Italy



Bio-Europe Spring 2014


  • 2,083 attendees
  • 10,780 one-to-one meetings 
  • 2,115 licensing opportunities posted
  • 1,209 companies
  • 61 exhibitors 
  • 42 countries represented
  • 17 workshops and panels



Investors in Biotech

David Thomas, from Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) indicated that the majority of investors remain bullish and expect good biotechnology stocks performance for 2014. Investors see the most opportunity within a series of well selected small cap. They also see positive regulatory changes for the risk/benefit assessment leading to increased investments in biotechnology. David Thomas concluded his remarks in showing that Big Biotechs are now offering highly competitive deals with Big Pharma.


The opening plenary session was dedicated to deal making with a provocative question: “Are big biotechs the better dealmakers?” “When I look at large pharma, I see zero creativity in the way they go about a deal” said John McDonald, VP Business Development at Biogen. The panel discussion was kind of a Big Pharma bashing and I cannot agree with John McDonald’s statement. In fact the best deals are always done when there is a good fit between both partners in terms of strategy as well as portfolio development and for the time being still 95% of biotechnology deals are made with established pharmaceutical companies.


Others Panels 

Most other panels were rather poorly attended with nevertheless interesting presentations and discussions around:

Due Diligence; how to ensure successful process

Who will finance early stage drug discovery?

– Deal making around orphan diseases

– The personalized therapy challenges

– Why China matters to your business strategy




There were only 61 exhibitors and I had the impression of little activity on most of the booths.


Next Edition 

The 2015 BIO-Europe Spring edition will be held March 9-11, 2015 in Paris and will be hosted by the Medicen Paris Region Biocluster.

Based on his past experience in the field, Dr. Jean-Claude Muller, Special Advisor to I&IR has been appointed by the EBD Group to identify new sponsors for this event.

Bio-Europe Spring 2015



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Author : Jean-Claude MULLER, Special Advisor,Innovation & International Relationship (I&IR)

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