In cosmetics – Avril 2013

In cosmetics, April 16-18, 2013, Paris, France

In-cosmetics 2013






  • 652 Exhibitors (28% from France, 72% International lead by Germany),
  • 9 419 Visitors (72% from Europe, including 39% from France), including 24% working on formulation but only 3% in fundamental research, 2% for regulatory affairs and 1% in Quality & safety control.
  • Main asset from Reed exhibitions: The possibility to request meeting from exhibitors and visitors.
  • A good place to meet Manufacturers of raw materials & active ingredients (more than 341 companies), companies providing in vitro testing (48 companies).
  • Due to changes in EU cosmetic regulation , the preclinical studies on animals for cosmetic raw material, active ingredient and finished products is not allowed anymore. We could expect in a short notice more demands on in vitro test for toxicity evaluation and marketing claims. But the lack of long term in vitro skin model does not permit to evaluate long term toxicity neither long term efficacy.
  • 2 innovatives companies to monitor:

Plant Advanced Technologies: Produce Metabolite in plants by roots exudation and a new recombinant protein expression system using genetically modified carnivorous plants.

AMSilk: produce spider silk on an industrial scale for implant coating & medical devices, functional cosmetics, cell biology.

Next event: April 1-3, 2014, Hamburg, Germany

Author : Nathalie Accornero, Ao Marketing Life Sciences

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