Stay in the mind of your prospects

How to stay in the mind of your prospects and customers ?

From the first phone call (or the first meeting)  to the buying process is a long way that can last 6 to 24 months for most companies providing services or products for Pharma & Biotech.

During this timeline:

  • your contact in the targeted company could move to another company
  • the strategy of the targeted company could change (Merge, acquisition, …)
  • or you could simply be forgotten !


At the same time, in most cases for SME companies, there is only one business developer that has to be present in many different countries or on a global market. A difficult task, when you have to follow all potentially interested prospects.


E-mailing Campaigns could be very helpful for the business developer :

  • to stay in the mind of your prospects
  • to contact selectively engaged prospects
  • to regularly update your data base


The strategy of the e-mailing campaign & the quality of your CRM will be the key of success.


BtoBioInnovation proposes a new service on E-mailing campaign.


To know more about this service 


Author : Nathalie Accornero, Ao Marketing Life Sciences


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